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weight goals

Weight Goals
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If you are interested in contributing to this community, please make an introductory post with the following details;
  • Rough Age
  • Height
  • Current Weight
  • Target Weight
  • Why Now? - What is it about now that is motivating you to lose weight.
  • How So? - What your ideas are to actually working to meet your targets. This journey is about personal discovery, but if you find something that works for you, you may find other people are interested.
This is the first step about taking control, and you can look back at the start. Intro posts that don't follow this or attempt to link back to their personal LJ, another community or website/blog will be removed and asked to respost properly. This community is about taking a positive step for weight loss and weight control. weight_goals do not necessarily care how you do it because as humans we all have different ways of achieving our goals. This is the only warning;

Any Pro-Ana articles, links or advertisements will be removed and the Banhammer will be forcefully swung against the poster.

Now I know there are Pro-ED sites and LJ'ers struggling to get over their ED, so they are welcome here to talk about their struggle. On this point, I just have a few little requests
  • Inappropriate icons (Ana/overtly sexual/horror/gore) will be requested to be removed. Whats the criteria? I decide.
  • Introductory/Progress pictures could please be put behind a cut as they may act as a 'trigger' for EDers
  • Promoting solely diet pills, fastings or dangerous weight loss generally won't endear you to the community. As mentioned this community is about positive weight control.
Everyone has a right to agree or disagree with comments and posters as long as it doesn't become abusive, we are all adults and should be able to handle discourse in a mature and responsible way. That means no childish name calling, freezing comments, deleting or locking posts.

Thank you.