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30 March 2014 @ 03:13 pm
Happy Sunday everyone!  
My name is Malena Smush and I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over a past decade helping women to meet their weight loss goals and overcome the war in their heads against their bodies, food and life itself.

I struggled with my weight as a teenager after my parents separated. We had moved house so many times, I never developed any lasting friendships and food became my only comfort while escaping the tormented feelings of ‘never fitting in’ or ‘never being good enough’.

I forced myself to lose weight countless times with dieting and exercising only to ‘lose it’ and end up overeating again and again. I hated myself, my life and the way I looked. I felt like a failure.

I’ve been always fascinated with the power of our subconscious minds and unexplained spontaneous healing and I came across an amazing breakthrough- the Slim Body Fastrack method that put a stop to all my weight related problems. The negative thoughts about my body suddenly vanished. I no longer experienced any food cravings and the weight loss journey became an effortless and quick process. Before I knew I reached my goals and everyone around me started treating me like an expert asking me for an advice, congratulating and complementing on my new shape. I’ve never felt so proud and so wonderful.

I’ve developed a program for women who want to find the way out of the dieting cycle, shed the pounds and enjoy the rest of their life in an attractive, desirable body. My passion is to help others who are stuck in the lose-gain weight loss cycle.