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01 May 2013 @ 02:02 pm
New Here  
So I am 35 3 kids ,,, I have gone down every road from losing weight the "right way" eating healthy ... exercising ... binge/purge and just not eating at all & over the years it was easy now at 35 I seem to have NO will power at all & to think I am at the heaviest I have EVER been. Any help ??
mstotenkinder: Black kittymstotenkinder on May 15th, 2013 11:06 am (UTC)
I agree too!

You should find several different activities you like, that combine heart pumping cardio (running, walking, biking, playing on the trampoline, kickball with the children) with some strength stuff (yoga, lunges, push ups, even if it's climbing trees!).

Best wishes. Let us know how it goes with the doctor-- holding you accountable!