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23 April 2013 @ 06:12 pm
weight loss without numbers?  
So after about a year of not dieting or gym-ing due to some depression and physical health issues, I've decided to get back in the game. I'm getting married on June 22, 2014, and I want to get back into much better shape by then. But, here's the thing...

Age: 22
Height: 5'2"
Current Weight: ?
Short Term Goal: ?
Long Term Goal: ?

Why the question marks? Well, here's the thing. I've got a lot of issues with weight loss. I have a serious type A/perfectionist personality, and have struggled with EDNOS in the past. Every time I try to lose weight, I become obsessed with numbers: inches on my waist, pounds on a scale, calories in my food, etc. I go from being totally okay one day to having an anxiety attack over my gym time the next. Overall, not a healthy way to live.

So my plan for this time around is going to be numbers-free weight loss. No scales, no calorie counters, no measuring tapes. I'm going to just try and eat healthy, balanced meals, cut down on sugars (my diet is already soda-free, including diet sodas, with the exception of the occasional ginger ale for my tummy), and either get to the gym or work out on my own at home a few times a week. What I want to avoid at all costs is over-stressing, caving to the wedding pressure of getting a "bridal body" (whatever that means) and moralizing myself based on what I eat or whether I worked out this way.

Would any of you lovely people be willing to be a weight-loss buddy to someone who's not using numbers or calories or pound measurements? I'm really going totally on how my clothes fit and how fit I feel, but it would be nice to have a support system. :)
Jessica: meamethystrse on May 1st, 2013 02:46 pm (UTC)
Congrats on getting married! That's so exciting!

I think you're doing the right thing. In the end the numbers don't mean as much as everyone thinks. What matters is how you feel and how your clothes fit (but mostly how you feel). For the last leg of my weight loss I didn't pay attention to the numbers in the way I did in the beginning. I think that helped a lot. I didn't have any depressed feelings when the scale wasn't moving the way I wanted. I didn't get discouraged if the scale went up. I just ate healthy, became more active, and went from there.